Ted Turner

Throughout his career, Ted Turner has won recognition for his entrepreneurial acumen; sharp business skills; a vision that transformed television; leadership qualities that won sports championships; and his unprecedented philanthropy.

Turner began his career as an account executive with Turner Advertising Company and entered the television business in 1970 when he acquired Atlanta independent UHF station channel 17. In 1976, Turner purchased Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves and launched TBS Superstation, originating the “Superstation” concept. The following year, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. acquired the National Basketball Association’s Atlanta Hawks, and in 1980 Turner launched CNN, the world’s first live, 24-hour global news network.

Over the next two decades, the company built a portfolio of unrivaled cable television news and entertainment brands and businesses, including CNN Headline News, CNN International, TNT, Cartoon Network and Turner Classic Movies. In the mid-’90s, Castle Rock Entertainment and New Line Cinema became Turner Broadcasting properties. In October 1996, the company merged with Time Warner Inc., and in 2001, Time Warner merged with AOL to create AOL Time Warner. The company later changed its name back to Time Warner Inc.

Turner has also made his mark as one of the most influential philanthropists in the U.S.

He is the chairman of the Turner Foundation, founded in 1990, which supports efforts to protect and restore our natural systems – the air, land, and water – on which all life depends. Funding priorities include growing and diversifying the movement, conserving land to protect and restore wildlife and biodiversity, catalyzing the transition to a clean energy future, and protecting and restoring water resources (freshwater and marine) for people and nature.

Turner and executive producer Barbara Pyle launched the animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers in 1990. One year later, Pyle created the Captain Planet Foundation to fund and support hands-on, environmental projects for children and youth. The foundation’s objective is to encourage innovative programs that empower children and youth around the world to work individually and collectively to solve environmental problems in their neighborhoods and communities.

The Turner Endangered Species Fund, launched in June 1997, is a core grantee of the Turner Foundation, which works to conserve biodiversity by emphasizing restoration efforts of endangered or imperiled species on the Turner properties.

In September 1997, Turner announced his historic pledge of up to $1 billion to the United Nations. The following year, Turner created the United Nations Foundation (UNF).  The organization supports the goals and objectives of the United Nations to promote a more peaceful, prosperous and just world. UNF has identified four core priorities: women and population; children’s health; the environment; and peace and security.

In early 2001, Turner launched the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a foundation he co-chairs with former Senator Sam Nunn. NTI is working to close the growing and increasingly dangerous gap between the threat from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the global response.

Turner later created two independent film production companies, Ted Turner Pictures and Ted Turner Documentaries, which produced the major motion picture Gods and Generals and the critically acclaimed PBS documentary Avoiding Armageddon, respectively.

In January 2002, Turner opened the first Ted’s Montana Grill, in Columbus, Ohio, with his partner, George W. McKerrow Jr., founder of the Longhorn Steakhouse chain. Ted’s Montana Grill offers classic American comfort food, including bison or beef burgers, in an authentic Montana bar and grill atmosphere. To date, Ted’s Montana Grill operates 47 restaurants nationwide. In keeping with Turner’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, Ted’s Montana Grill utilizes innovative ways to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Turner is also chairman of Turner Enterprises, Inc., a private company, which manages his business interests, land holdings and investments, including the oversight of two million acres in 11 states and in Argentina. Through Turner Enterprises, Turner also manages the largest commercial bison herd (51,000) in North America on 16 ranches in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, and South Dakota.

Over the past several years, Turner has devoted his time and energy toward promoting the use of clean energy sources. While urging others to make the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, he has already done so in a very large way.  Turner has partnered with Southern Company to build multiple large-scale solar projects including the Cimarron Solar Facility in Colfax County, New Mexico (30 MW), the Apex Solar Facility in Clark County, Nevada (20 MW), Spectrum Solar Facility also located in Clark County, Nevada (30 MW), Granville Solar Facility near Oxford, North Carolina (2.5 MW), the Campo Verde Solar Facility (139MW) in Imperial County, California, Macho Springs Solar Facility (50 MW) in Luna County, New Mexico,  Morelos del Sol Solar Facility (15 MW) in Kern County, California,  Calipatria Solar Facility (20 MW) in Imperial County, California, and Rutherford Farm Solar Facility (74 MW) in Rutherford County, North Carolina. In addition, Turner has added solar panels on his numerous properties and  installed 25 solar canopies in the employee parking lots adjacent to his Atlanta offices.

In June 2015, Turner launched his latest hospitality venture, Ted Turner Expeditions™, a groundbreaking initiative inviting the public to visit and enjoy four unique, Turner-owned locales, totaling over one million acres of diverse, stunning landscapes.  It is through these experiences led by Ted Turner Expeditions that Turner hopes others will develop a keen appreciation for and understanding of nature, and in turn, consciously take steps, small or large, toward improving our environment.

Turner is the recipient of numerous honorary degrees, industry awards and civic honors, including being named TIME Magazine’s 1991 Man of the Year, Broadcasting and Cable’s Man of the Century in 1999 and one of TIME 100 World’s Most Influential People in 2009.  In recent years, he received the 2011 Palazzo Strozzi Foundation’s Renaissance Man of the Year award, the Overseas Press Club Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012, was honored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 35th Annual Sports Emmy® Awards in 2014, and received the Forbes 400 Lifetime Achievement Award for Philanthropy in 2016, among many others.

  • November 19, 1938

    Robert Edward Turner, III is born in Cincinnati, OH

  • 1956

    Graduates from the McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN; enrolls at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island

  • 1959

    Leaves Brown University and begins working for his father’s business, Turner Advertising Company

  • 1963

    Takes over as president of Turner Advertising Company

  • 1970

    Purchases Atlanta television station Channel 17

  • 1976

    Launches Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS, Inc.) and purchases the Atlanta Braves baseball team; purchases first bison (goes on to amass a herd of 51,000)

  • 1977

    Wins the America’s Cup; purchases the Atlanta Hawks basketball team

  • 1979

    Announces his plans to launch a groundbreaking 24-hour news network titled Cable News Network (CNN)

  • August 1979

    Turner and his crew are feared dead as their yacht Tenacious remains unaccounted for after encountering disastrous weather during the 605-mile Fastnet ocean race. Tenacious goes on to win Fastnet race

  • June 1, 1980

    Officially launches CNN

  • 1982

    Launches another news channel with a thirty-minute cycle of headline news stories titled CNN2 (later to become known as Headline News)

  • Summer 1986

    Hosts the first Goodwill Games held in Moscow, Russia

  • 1987

    Purchases first Western property The Bar None Ranch, going on to become one of the nation’s largest individual landowners with 2 million acres

  • 1988

    Launches Turner Network Television (TNT)

  • 1990

    Establishes the Turner Foundation, Inc., a private, independent family foundation committed to preventing damage to the natural systems - water, air, and land; Created by Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle, the animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers airs on TBS and receives international acclaim; the Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) is established the following year

  • 1991

    CNN establishes itself as the world's leader in news; Ted Turner is named Man of the Year by Time Magazine

  • 1992

    Launches the Cartoon Network

  • 1994

    Launches Turner Classic Movies (TCM)

  • 1995

    Under Ted Turner's ownership, the Atlanta Braves win the World Series

  • 1996

    Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. merges with Time Warner, Inc.

  • June, 1997

    The Turner family launches the Turner Endangered Species Fund (TESF), a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving biodiversity by ensuring the stability of imperiled species and their habitats

  • September, 1997

    Makes history by pledging $1 billion to the United Nations, establishes the United Nations Foundation (UNF) the following year

  • 2001

    The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) is founded by Ted Turner and former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn; Time Warner is purchased by AOL to become AOL Time Warner

  • 2002

    Co-founds Ted’s Montana Grill with acclaimed restaurateur George McKerrow, Jr., and opens the chain’s first restaurant in Columbus, OH

  • 2004

    Receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • 2008

    Ted Turner’s autobiography Call Me Ted is released and becomes a New York Times bestseller

  • March, 2010

    Partners with Southern Company to pursue the development of renewable energy projects including the Cimarron Solar Facility in New Mexico, one of the largest solar photovoltaic plants in the United States

  • 2010

    Turner is named a member of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Advocacy Group, working with 20 other members to achieve the MDG’s by the year 2015

  • 2011

    Inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame; Installation of 25 solar canopies in parking lot adjacent to Turner Enterprises’ Atlanta offices is completed

  • December 2011

    Ted Turner, Dr. Sylvia Earle and Sir Richard Branson unite to Form OceanElders, a group of global leaders dedicated to promoting ocean conservation, protecting the ocean's habitat and wildlife, and preserving its ecosystems and species biodiversity

  • 2012

    Announces $1 million donation to the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund aimed at protecting Grauer's gorillas in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

  • 2013

    Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet, written by Todd Wilkinson, is released; Last Stand chronicles the rise of Ted Turner as an American media mogul who has since become one of the world’s pioneering “eco-capitalists” and peace-minded humanitarians in the 21st century

  • March 2014

    Inducted into the Technology Hall of Fame of Georgia at the 2014 Georgia Technology Summit in Atlanta.

  • May 2014

    Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at 35th Annual Sports Emmy® Awards

  • December 2014

    Ted Turner’s portrait, by famed artist Jon Friedman, is unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.
    Photo credit: Paul Morigi/Invision for UNF/AP® Awards

  • May 2015

    Launches Ted Turner Expeditions, inviting the public to explore and stay on his vast and magnificent properties

  • July 2015

    Major street in Atlanta re-named Ted Turner Drive in honor of his numerous contributions to the city

  • June 2016

    Forbes honors Ted with its Forbes 400 Lifetime Achievement Award for Philanthropy

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