Turner Renewable Energy

Turner Renewable Energy believes that investing in renewable energy is not only a prudent financial decision, but also a crucial step toward ensuring our planet’s future health. Turner Renewable Energy is committed to promoting the use of clean energy and has taken several significant steps in moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

In January 2018, Turner Renewable Energy invested in MERIT SI, LLC, a national sustainable infrastructure company with offices in Austin and Houston, Texas and New Jersey. MERIT SI develops and delivers innovative solar and energy storage solutions to industrial operators of critical infrastructure across North America.

In addition to its investment in MERIT SI, Turner Renewable Energy is responsible for the development of the Luckie Street Solar Project and the utilization of clean energy sources whenever possible at Ted’s Montana Grill restaurants and on Turner Ranches, which utilize some form of solar power on the majority of its properties.


Luckie Street Solar Project

The Luckie Street Solar project is located on a two-acre parking lot adjacent to the Turner Building in Atlanta, GA. Comprised of 25 solar canopies, it is the first solar installation of its kind in Downtown Atlanta.

Constructed in 2011, the 25-panel array provides energy to the Turner Enterprises, Ted Turner Reserves, Turner Foundation, Captain Planet Foundation and the Ted’s Montana Grill offices, as well as to the Ted’s Montana Grill restaurant on the ground floor of the building.

The array provides an estimated 15% of the Turner Building’s total annual energy needs. It saves an estimated $50,000 annually in power expenses and allows the building to avoid releasing an estimated 164 metric tons of CO₂ into the environment each year (this amount is equal to 18,418 gallons of gasoline or 380 barrels of oil).