Deer Creek Ranch

Ranch Manager: Alex Sleep

Deer Creek Ranch is a 76,183-acre property located along the boundary of two ecosystems in northwestern Nebraska. The Nebraska sandhills prairie ecosystem encompasses the southern third of the ranch and includes large areas of sand dunes stabilized by the abundant prairie growing above the dunes and water beneath them. The northern third of the ranch is dominated by mixed grass prairie ecosystems and is characterized by rolling, sandy loam-type soils. The central area of the ranch is a mixture of both of these ecosystems.

Due to its diversity and expanse, Deer Creek ranch has an abundance of wildlife including: sandhill cranes, turkeys, sharp-tailed grouse, mule deer, whitetail deer, pheasants, long-billed curlews, as well as geese and ducks. In addition, elk, nesting swans and bald eagles frequent select areas of the property.

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