Blue Creek 

Property Manager: Kord Killpack

Blue Creek is located on the southwestern edge of the Nebraska sandhills, and is home to over 5,000 bison.  The 85,635-acre ranch is mainly comprised of native sandhills rangeland with the unique feature of being divided on the southern half of the ranch by Blue Creek, a tributary of the North Platte River.  Blue Creek is the dividing line between the true sandhills region of Nebraska to the north and the clay soils and hard grass prairie system to the south.

Wildlife present on Blue Creek includes mule deer, whitetail deer, prong-horn antelope, wild turkeys, ring-neck pheasants, sharp-tail grouse and prairie chickens along with a variety of waterfowl and smaller species of wildlife. Blue Creek outfits trophy deer hunts and American bison hunts.

Blue Creek utilizes 36 solar-powered stock wells, which provide approximately 20% of the stock water required to water the bison herd.

The property was the site of “The Battle of Blue Water” the first major conflict between the U.S. Military and the Sioux Indians from 1854 to 1856.  Blue Creek is also the site of a naturally occurring spring called “Gusher Springs.”  Gusher Springs is believed to be the second largest spring in Nebraska with a measured flow of 3,750 gal./min.

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