Z Bar Ranch

Ranch Manager: Keith Yearout

The Z Bar Ranch is a 42,479-acre property located in south central Kansas along the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River.

The ranch is a native, mixed grass prairie with sandy river soils, gyp rock outcroppings and a wide variety of soil types.  Its rolling hills, canyons and bluffs are dramatically different from the surrounding areas of flat cropland.

Z Bar is home to a wide variety of native prairie wildlife including bison, whitetail deer, antelope, turkeys, pheasants, bob-white quail, coyotes, bobcats, badgers and black-tailed prairie dogs.  Restoration efforts are also currently underway to increase the number of golden eagles and lesser prairie chickens on the property, as well as reintroduce black-footed ferrets.

Removal of invasive, non-native species such as eastern red cedar and tamarack (salt cedar) are ongoing ranch projects designed to enhance and protect the native prairie and its streams.  Patch burning and rotational grazing are utilized to mimic the historical grazing patterns in a native prairie ecosystem.

The Z Bar Ranch has six solar livestock water well locations that produce a total of 180 gallons per minute under full sunshine.

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