Ranch Manager: Garrett Ourada

Located in the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills, the 142,000-acre Spikebox Ranch is comprised of some of the most majestic and remote rangeland in the state.  From its beautiful wetlands and meadows to the choppy dunes of the Sandhills, the ranch provides a great wealth of conservational quality. The North Loop River flows along the southern border of the ranch, providing excellent habitat for numerous animal species.  

In 2015, Spikebox Ranch served as the site of the largest stream restoration project ever conducted in the Sandhills.  The project raised the creek and ground water to historic levels, improving the functionality of the stream and the meadow.  This project continues to be a success with increased forage production and improved wetland habitat.

Spikebox is home to a variety of wildlife, including whitetail and mule deer, pronghorn, trumpeter swans, sharp-tail grouse, ring-neck pheasants, a variety of migratory song birds, waterfowl, prairie dogs, and many other unique animals.

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