Vermejo Park Ranch

Ranch Manager: Gus Holm

The 560,000-acre Vermejo Park Ranch, located in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado is nothing short of spectacular with diverse terrain spanning from short-grass prairie to alpine tundra mountains at 13,000 feet. Vermejo Park Ranch offers unparalleled opportunities to enjoy and interact with the natural world, and is one of the premier hunting, fishing and eco-tourism destinations in the West.  Vermejo Park is the only Turner ranch operating as a full service guest ranch.

Vermejo Park is home to abundant wildlife populations, including large herds of elk, deer, pronghorn antelope and bison, along with mountain lions, and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. The ranch is also home to a variety of birds, with over 180 species catalogued on property, including Merriam’s turkey, bald and golden eagles, and red-tailed hawks. Its streams and lakes provide plentiful angling opportunities for brown, rainbow and Rio Grande cutthroat trout.

Since 1998, Vermejo Park Ranch and Turner Endangered Species Fund (TESF) have partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in an effort to restore the endangered black-footed ferret to the wild. In 2008, black-footed ferrets were successfully and permanently released into their native New Mexico habitat on Vermejo Park Ranch. The species are obligate predators of prairie dogs, and, as such, require large acreages of prairie dogs for both food and shelter. In 1999, Vermejo Park began expanding its prairie dog colonies with the goal of becoming a release site for ferrets. Today, the ranch has over 8,000 acres of habitat occupied by prairie dogs, a keystone species on the short-grass prairie. Other environmental projects on the ranch include riparian and forest system restoration, and reintroduction of the native Rio Grande cutthroat trout into 120 miles of its native habitat.

The preeminent outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, Vermejo offers a variety of outfitting opportunities including fully guided hunts for its turkey, antelope, mule deer and elk seasons. Vermejo also offers fishing guides during its fishing season and nature tourism guides for those who wish to explore the ranch. During the winter months guests enjoy guided winter activities such as ice fishing, snowshoeing, wildlife viewing and cross country skiing.

In addition to outdoor opportunities, Vermejo Park offers visitors a peaceful, undisturbed experience. The ranch accommodates 70 people in guest houses situated around the main lodge at headquarters. Costilla Fishing Lodge, located on the flanks of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, accommodates up to 16 guests and offers a more remote experience.  Vermejo also features a distinctive restaurant as well as a gift and tackle shop.

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