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Ted Turner’s Atlanta Braves suffered through its second dreadful season under his ownership, even losing the game he broke Major League Baseball’s decades’ old rule that barred owners from serving as managers in 1977.

While the Mouth of the South had run afoul of the baseball rules and was even issued a one-year ban for tampering, the 38-year-old Turner was, by all reports, on his best behavior as he captained the United States’ efforts to extend its 22-race win streak at the America’s Cup.

“When we were looking at some of the signature events on NBC Sports in 2017, the America’s Cup rekindled our memory of a remarkable and unusual chapter in sports history,” NBC Sports Group executive Mark Levy told USA TODAY Sports in an email. “It will be the perfect narrative to not only excite dedicated sailing fans and admirers of the Turner legacy, but also draw in viewers who love one-of-a-kind stories.”

Turner’s venture toward a 4-0 sweep at the 1977 America’s Cup off the coast of Newport, R.I., will be the subject of a one-hour documentary that will air on June 17, 2017. Courageous will be broadcast on NBC, immediately after the first race of the 2017 America’s Cup Finals on the network.The documentary also delves into the Turner’s beginnings in the cable business before he founded CNN and became an industry giant.

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