The Spirit of Giving

Turner’s Grandson John R. Seydel Recognized

By Sierra Cortner, Maggie Dillard, Helena Kontos, Ashton Pike and Phebe Wahl Lovette Russell portrait and Sally Dorsey portrait by Sarah Dorio 10.27.16


Our town is teeming with philanthropic powerhouses that champion causes ranging from health to homelessness to arts education and animal welfare. Atlantans are fighting for change every day, whether through red-carpet fundraising galas, volunteer work or new foundations. Here are the hearts and hands that make a difference in our city and in our world.


Evidenced by young Atlantan John Rutherford Seydel III, eldest grandson of Ted Turner, the apple doesn’t fall far from the philanthropic tree. With the recent launch of RNN: The Revolution Nation Network (, Seydel has big plans for the future when it comes to connecting millennials with their representatives to change the political atmosphere. “The way I look at it is: Ten percent of the political process is the vote, and then you have to pay attention to the other 90 percent when legislation is actually being made. You have to do it in an entertaining and engaging and sexy way,” he says. Although aimed at a younger crowd, RNN echoes Seydel’s grandfather’s CNN in its strong belief that the people have the power. With a focus on millennials’ influence in public policy and political elections, RNN certainly guarantees a revolution in the making.