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What It’s Like Growing Up as Ted Turner’s Daughter (Audio Interview)

Laura Turner Seydel shares with us some great stories about growing up with her dad, and she admits that in some ways she really is a chip off the old block. But it would be a mistake to invite Laura for a conversation without talking to her about the causes she has embraced with great passion. Like Ted, she’s deeply committed to protecting the environment and is worried about the depletion of our natural resources.

I run into Laura on occasion as we are each out and about in Atlanta. When we talk it doesn’t take long for her to turn the conversation toward the issues that are in the forefront of her mind. As she was leaving the studio at the end of our interview I asked her if she always had such a single-minded focus on the causes she cares about. She didn’t miss a beat: Yes, she said, this is who I am.

Listening to our conversation I think that like me, you’ll be perfectly fine with who Laura Turner Seydel is.

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