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Mountain News: Ted Turner howls in appearance at Aspen
August 21, 2014
By Allen Best

ASPEN, Colo. – When Ted Turner started buying ranchland in Montana in 1987, there was apprehension among the locals. He was, after all, a big money guy, the founder of CNN and TNT, the baseball team in Atlanta and who knows what else.

But Turner, in his 15 ranches in the West and three in Argentina, has turned out to be something other than a money-grubbing ogre. Turner has, argues Todd Wilkinson, in a new book called Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet, delivered an example for others about how to own land without abusing it.

Both Turner and Wilkinson were on the stage last week in Aspen, at the tail-end of a lengthy conference called American Renewable Energy Day. Despite the name, the conference ran four days and included a parade of well-known billionaires, former politicians (including Jimmy Carter), and others gathered to share thoughts about energy and climate change.

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