Garden & Gun – November, 2008

One might think that the youngest daughter of Ted Turner grew up living in a series of penthouses and shopping at fancy boutiques. Not so, says Jennie Turner Garlington, a mother of four children ranging from three months to eight years old. Garlington is a serious nature lover, a trait she attributes to her father’s insistence that his kids get outside. “We had a lot of fun growing up,” she says.

But these days, Garlington, a journalist and former CNN environmental reporter, says children are missing out on experiences like hers, spending their time indoors, in front of TVs and computers. “It’s an epidemic,” she says. So she’s decided to take on the cause, bringing attention to what’s known as nature-deficit disorder, detailed in Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods. She focuses on the issue in the second installment of her television series, EcoSense for Living, airing on PBS this winter.

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