The Atlantan

April, 2008

Just back from Yemen and Easter Island, documentary filmmaker and photographer Rhett Turner shares never before seen snaps on the eve of his next gallery show.

When you first see Rhett Turner, one word that comes to mind is dashing.  Not necessarily because of his slim, athletic frame and brilliant blue eyes or his fast -paced, confident style, but because he is forever on the go, likely to dash off to a distant and exotic country on a whim. “I always want to see something different,” he says as he hands over his ever-ready passport.  We quickly count 47 countries he has visited since 2007.  Ghana, Brazil, Butan, Nigeria, Ecuador and India top the long list of memorable destinations, and as we speak Turner is dreaming of one day exploring Esfahan, the old Persian capital of Iran.

For more than a decade, the son of media mogul Ted Turner has used his camera as a means of capturing and communicating the common humanity of other far-away cultures.  “I shoot the things people [Americans] don’t get to see very much,” he says. “It lets them know that all people everywhere are like us.”

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