Ted Turner Expeditions


Ted Turner’s appreciation for our beautiful earth and its creatures runs deep, compelling him to work tirelessly to protect and conserve our environment, as well as its animal and plant species. Turner wishes to share his complete love of nature, wildlife and discovery in order to help all generations develop a keen appreciation for and awareness of what our Earth has to offer and just as importantly, a shared responsibility for the well-being of our environment. After much thoughtful consideration, Turner has established a way in which to achieve this through the launch of Ted Turner Expeditions.

Introduced in 2015, Ted Turner Expeditions’ (TTX) eco-conscious journeys are individually crafted and tailored to their specific New Mexico locales: Turner’s Ladder, Armendaris and Vermejo ranches and Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa; these unique adventures are intended to deliver an insightful and restorative experience, while also providing extraordinary guest service. Each well-appointed property reflects its surrounding geography and its area’s rich history. Ted Turner Expeditions is committed to making a difference by inspiring individual action to preserve the wonder of nature.

All of our adventure tours are led by private guides carefully trained to provide a tailored experience to let TTX guests experience their own, exclusive “national park.” TTX tours range from half and full-day tours leaving from Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa onto the Ladder and to particularly-tailored tours for those guests who opt for an all-inclusive experience at Vermejo or the Ladder.

For more information, please visit www.tedturnerexpeditions.com or call 1.877.2TURNER.