Turner Family

Rhett Turner, Laura Turner Seydel, Jennie Turner Garlington, Ted Turner, Teddy Turner, Beau Turner

Laura Turner Seydel

Laura Turner Seydel is a national environmental advocate and eco-living expert dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable future for our children.

Laura is chairperson of the Captain Planet Foundation, which promotes environmental education and gardens in schools, and Zero Waste Zones, an organization that promotes communities working together to change current disposal methods of consumed products. She co-founded Mothers and Others for Clean Air and the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.

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Robert Edward Turner IV (“Teddy”)

Teddy has served in numerous business capacities including promotions manager at Turner Home Entertainment, as well as project manager at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. After spending two years at CNN‘s Moscow bureau as a cameraman and editor, Teddy went on to develop and produce various programs involved in TBS‘s Soviet Union relations, including the Goodwill Games, the international athletic competition event created by Ted Turner to ease tensions during the Cold War through friendly sports competition between nations.

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Rhett Lee Turner

A highly gifted filmmaker and photographer, Rhett Turner is president of Red Sky Productions, a state of the art international film production company focusing on documentary films for global television audiences and private corporations.

He is well versed in every aspect of film production, and has served as a camera operator, photographer, producer and editor on several projects.

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Reed Beauregard Turner (“Beau”)

Beau Turner is involved in numerous charitable organizations related to environmental conservation and preservation around the world. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Turner Endangered Species Fund and is the Director of Natural Resources and Biodiversity for Turner Enterprises, Inc. In this capacity, Beau coordinates and oversees wildlife-related projects for the 2 million acre operation.

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Sara Jean Turner Garlington (“Jennie”)

Since Jennie Garlington was exposed to environmental issues at a young age, she launched a lifetime commitment to stewardship and sustainability. Since 1990, she has honed her environmental awareness as a Trustee of the Turner Foundation. Jennie previously served for 12 years on the board of directors for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the National Zoo.

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