Turner Renewable Energy

Turner Renewable Energy believes that investing in renewable energy is not only a prudent financial decision, but also a crucial step toward ensuring our planet’s future health. Turner Renewable Energy is committed to promoting the use of clean energy and has taken several significant steps in moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources in hopes that others will follow suit.

In addition to the Luckie Street Solar Project, Cimarron Solar Facility, Apex Solar Facility, Spectrum Solar Facility, Granville Solar Facility, Campo Verde Solar Facility, Adobe Solar Facility, Macho Springs Solar Facility and Morelos del Sol Solar Facility, clean energy sources are utilized whenever possible at Ted’s Montana Grill restaurants and on Turner properties, which utilize some form of solar power on the majority of its ranches.

Luckie Street Solar Project

The Luckie Street Solar project is located on a two acre parking lot adjacent to the Turner building in Atlanta, GA. Comprised of 25 solar canopies, it is the first and largest solar installation of its kind in downtown Atlanta.

Constructed in 2011, the 25-panel array provides energy to both the Turner offices and the Ted’s Montana Grill restaurant on the ground floor of the building.

The array provides an estimated 25% of the Turner building’s total annual energy needs. It saves an estimated $50,000 annually in power expenses and allows the building to avoid releasing an estimated 164 metric tons of CO₂ into the environment annually (this amount is equal to 18,418 gallons of gasoline or 380 barrels of oil).

Cimarron Solar Facility

In early 2010, Turner Renewable Energy partnered with Southern Company to acquire the Cimarron Solar Facility from Tempe, Arizona-based First Solar. Cimarron is among the nation’s largest solar photovoltaic plants at 30 megawatts. Construction of the facility was completed in December 2010, upon which it began commercial operation.

The facility, located within the service territory of Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc., member system Springer Electric Cooperative, currently provides electricity to approximately 9,000 homes in the area surrounding Raton, N.M.

The facility was developed and constructed by First Solar and is located on a 364-acre site in Colfax County, New Mexico adjacent to Turner’s Vermejo Park Ranch. The facility consists of approximately 500,000 2’ x 4’ photovoltaic modules constructed with First Solar’s patented thin film semiconductor technology.

Apex Solar Facility

Apex Solar Facility, the second acquisition resulting from the partnership formed by Turner Renewable Energy and Southern Company, is a 20 megawatt solar photovoltaic power plant in Nevada. Apex is located on a 154-acre site in North Las Vegas in Clark County, Nevada. The project was acquired and built by SunEdison, which will continue to be responsible for ongoing operations and maintenance for the facility.

Construction on the project began in October 2011, and commercial operation is expected to begin during the third quarter of 2012. The array will consist of approximately 88,000 poly-crystalline solar modules provided by Trina Solar.

Electricity generated by the project will serve a 25-year power purchase agreement with NV Energy. The facility is expected to generate approximately $9.8 million in tax revenues over its lifespan.

Spectrum Solar Facility

Announced in September 2012, Spectrum Solar Facility is the third joint acquisition by Southern Company and Turner Renewable Energy.  Located on a 311-acre site in Clark County, Nevada, this 30-megawatt facility is the largest direct current array of its kind.  Its tracking technology directs solar panels as the sun moves across the sky.

Construction of the facility began in October, 2012, and it will be built, operated and maintained by SunEdison, a provider of solar energy services and a subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials.  Spectrum is expected to begin operation by the second quarter of 2013; the plant’s output will serve a 25-year power purchase agreement with NV Energy.

Granville Solar Facility

Located on a 40-acre site near Oxford, North Carolina, Granville Solar Facility (2.5 MW) is the fourth joint acquisition made by Turner Renewable Energy and Southern Company.

The facility is operated and maintained by SunEdison, a subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials. Granville’s output serves a power purchase agreement with Progress Energy Carolinas.

Campo Verde Solar Facility

Campo Verde Solar Facility (139 MW) is the fifth and largest solar installation acquired by Turner Renewable Energy in partnership with Southern Company.

Located in Imperial County, California, Campo Verde began operation in October, 2013 and is expected to generate enough electricity to power almost 48,000 homes.

Adobe Solar Facility

Adobe Solar Facility (20 MW) is the sixth solar installation acquired by Turner Renewable Energy in partnership with Southern Company and the second facility located in California.

Adobe is located on a 160-acre site in Kern County, Calif. Electricity generated by the plant will serve a 20-year power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison, a subsidiary of Edison International.  Adobe is expected to begin commercial operation in May, 2014.

Macho Springs Solar Facility

Macho Springs Solar Facility (50 MW) is the seventh joint solar acquisition made by Turner Renewable Energy and Southern Company and the second-largest facility overall.

Located on a 600-acre site in Luna County, N.M., Macho Springs was built by and will be operated and maintained by First Solar. The facility, which began commercial operation in late May, 2014, is expected to generate enough electricity to power over 18,000 homes.

Morelos del Sol Solar Facility

Morelos del Sol is the eighth joint solar acquisition by Turner Renewable Energy and Southern Company.   Located in Kern County, California, this 15MW photovoltaic solar project is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by late November 2015.