Ted Turner: Time to finally protect wetlands, streams

CNN Ted Turner: Time to finally protect wetlands, streams April 2, 2014 By Ted Turner Editor’s note: Ted Turner, founder of CNN and Turner Broadcasting, is chairman of Turner Enterprises, Inc., and oversees 2 million acres of land in 12 states and in Argentina, as well as more than 55,000 bison. He is also chairman of the […]

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Yes: Atlanta must move forward to solve its transportation problems or be left behind.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution My businesses grew as Atlanta rose to prominence. To succeed, I had to be bold and innovative, and so did Atlanta. Atlanta became a world-class city and won the privilege of hosting the Olympics by being forward-thinking, but it has also faced challenges. I’ve always believed challenges are best addressed by moving toward […]

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Despite all the challenges, India’s progress in human development has lessons for many

The Economic Times By N R Narayana Murthy and Ted Turner India celebrated an historic milestone earlier this month when the World Health Organisation announced there had been no new cases of wild polio virus for one year. That leaves only three polio endemic countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. To understand the scope of this […]

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Stop Keystone pipeline before it’s too late

CNN I own a property in Fort Pierre, South Dakota, called the Bad River Ranch. It is a beautiful place, where we have worked very hard to restore the landscape, reintroduce native wildlife species and raise bison sustainably. But it sits about 15 miles downstream of the point where TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline would […]

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7 billion reasons to empower women

CNN The world’s population has more than tripled since I was born in 1938. On Monday, our world’s population is expected to hit the milestone of 7 billion people — up from 2.5 billion in 1950 — with almost all of the growth expected to happen in the cities of less developed countries. This means […]

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New Priorities For Our Energy Future

Wall Street Journal By T. BOONE PICKENS AND TED TURNER Renewable energy and clean-burning natural gas are the basis of a new strategy the world needs to create a cleaner and more secure future. And the global transformation to a clean-energy economy may be the greatest economic opportunity of the 21st century. According to the authoritative […]

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Invest in clean energy

Chicago Tribune As someone who has financially invested in solar power, I have been asked a lot lately whether the country’s economic troubles will imperil our nation’s transition to cleaner, low-carbon energy sources. The assumption behind the question, of course, is that clean energy is a luxury we can no longer afford. Further, it suggests […]

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